Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obscure Packers Trivia

Name a company, other than Green Bay Packers, Inc., that Vincent T. Lombardi worked for in 1968?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cranberi Sauced

I found a bottle of Stoli Cranberi on the buffet as I cleaned up for our feast. It was a gift left over from this year's Smoke Day Party. I couldn't find any decent recipes online, so I created this cranberry sauce inspired drink recipe.

Cranberi Sauced
One part Stoli Cranberi
Two parts Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice
One part fresh orange juice
Splash of Chambord Raspberry liqueur

Combine first three ingredients in highball glass over crushed ice. Top with Chambord and garnish with whole cranberries and sliced orange.

Bottoms up!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

TSA brain scan and mental pat-down

Going through screening at the Phoenix Sky Harbor last night, the TSA Trooper picked a prescription bottle out from one of my bins. After examining the bottle he made some comments about the medicine then started asking questions about the effectiveness of the medicine and its side effects. He was so interested in this Rx that he followed me from the ingress side of the X-ray scanner to the egress side, then continued his grilling as I repacked my property and put on my shoes.

I was actually happy that there wasn't a back-scatter scanner at this terminal, so I didn't want to press my luck by telling him to mind his own business and bugger off.

What kind of training does TSA give to the former QuikTrip clerks that it hires? Apparently HIPAA is another law that is not applicable to TSA.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It wasn't me

And I have a pretty good alibi.

Headless bucks turning up in northeastern Wisconsin

- Conservation wardens say an increasing number of headless bucks have been found in northeastern Wisconsin.

State Department of Natural Resources warden Mike Stahl said investigators don't know why at least a half dozen bucks have been found without their heads since the last week of October.

The DNR said four were found in Oconto County's Little Suamico-Abrams area. One was found in the Town of Spruce and another in Marinette County.

Stahl told WLUK-TV that because of various stages of decay, it's not known how all the bucks were killed, but the DNR has been able to determine at least two were shot.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

No naked pictures, no touchy feelie

This is how it is done in industries that are serious about detecting explosives.

EntryScan 4 explosives detection system

GE Security's high-sensitivity, high-throughput 'puffer machine', the EntryScan 4 can detect a broad range of explosives in seconds. Using GE's patented technology, the portal can identify even the most challenging substances by detecting and analyzing their microscopic traces. This compact, redesigned model has been reduced in height for installations under 8ft (2.44m) without sacrificing any walk-through space.
Get more product information here.