Friday, July 24, 2009

The truth finally emerges

Al Sharpton without the sharp wit.

Jesse Jackson without the jackassedness.

Jerimiah Wright without the wrath.

Barack Obama, Race Baiter.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Say No to Obama's HMO

Recent polling revealed that Americans are better satisfied with their medical coverage today than they were in 1993 when HillaryCare was being pushed.

For me personally, the change was getting away from my dreaded HMO - remember Family Health Plan? HMO's were hated for their overzealous efforts to control costs. These cost savings are the key benefit being touted for the Obama Health Plan.

The Obama Health Plan is simply a big step backwards to the days of HMO's. Only with all the charm of a trip to the DMV combined with an IRS audit.

It is not insurance that the government will be offering.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blakk Rasta sings about the Chocolate Jesus

Complete with a preview of your lifestyle under Cap & Trade.

H/T - Don Surber. And more.

By special request

I had a request in this previous post to make "a chart of weekly rice prices, oil prices, corn prices, ethanol prices(or any internationally traded commodity)" because I would "find they all had a major peak in 2008 summer."

Shown above are ethanol, corn, pork bellies, and gold - all internationally traded commodities. I'm still looking for that common peak in the summer of 2008.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New poll - vote for WI's best brat

As a lead-in to my Bratwurst Taste-Off on Labor Day weekend, I have put up a poll to capture people's favorites. Conspicuously absent are the biggies - Johnsonville, Klement's and Usinger's. I left these off to avoid voting based on name popularity and mass production. The sausage makers that I listed were identified by friends. Vote for one of them or name your own favorite.

The Labor Day weekend taste-off will identify Wisconsin's best brat in a blind tasting.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lee Holloway gets it

Gov. Jim Doyle's veto of a sales tax increase for Milwaukee County will seriously harm local transit and goes against a personal pledge the governor made, Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway said Tuesday.

"It's just terrible," Holloway said. "I'm very critical of (Doyle). I thought he was a friend of Milwaukee County."

Holloway also pledged to fight the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee rail line in response to the veto.

Transit funding will likely suffer major cuts next year because of a shortfall in other funding sources, which will force further cuts in service, Holloway said.

A large portion of the city's population relies on public transportation, which means Doyle's veto will hurt the poor, the elderly and others, Holloway said.

Holloway understands that the KRM line is not for Milwaukee's poor and elderly. They rely on buses.

The billion dollar rail line to Kenosha is for a more upscale clientele. Summerfest attendees would be a target demographic. The rest of the year, the trains will run empty.