Sunday, July 12, 2009

By special request

I had a request in this previous post to make "a chart of weekly rice prices, oil prices, corn prices, ethanol prices(or any internationally traded commodity)" because I would "find they all had a major peak in 2008 summer."

Shown above are ethanol, corn, pork bellies, and gold - all internationally traded commodities. I'm still looking for that common peak in the summer of 2008.


Renegade Division said...

Hey can you tell me how do you create these merged charts?(and from where do you get the data?)

Headless Blogger said...

Go to this website.

Choose the commodity, click graphic, choose weekly chart. Highlight graph, choose copy. Paste into Word, highlight graph, choose copy, and paste into MS Paint. Deselect Draw Opaque to layer graphs over each other.

I used to go directly into Paint, but that isn't working any more.