Saturday, April 04, 2009

Smoke Day Entertainment

What's a barbecue party without an Elvis tribute artist?

Nothing. That's what.

So if you see someone at my place on May 23 wearing a white leather sequined jumpsuit and a big belt buckle, it won't be me.

This year we've added Brian from The Suspicious Minds to our entertainment line-up.

I may have to hire professional security for crowd control this year.

Be afraid. Very afraid.


Fat Sal said...

Oh my god! An Elvis impersonator on top of great Q?!

Count on us to be there--even if it snows.

Dad29 said...


You might have some fun with this:

Personally, I'm waiting for my NRC license to use spent fuel as a heat-source for my home!

Headless Blogger said...

D29 - Thanks for the link. I now see the error of my ways.