Friday, May 21, 2010

Simple solutions

Problem: MPS students cannot read.

Simple Solution: Teach the students to read. Get rid of whatever latest fad they are using (Riting to read?) and try Phonics. Yes, it means the teachers will actually have to teach, the poor overpaid dears, but the student will learn.

Problem: MMSD water rates are too high because of decreasing demand.

Problem: Waukesha is mandated by EPA overreach to stop using their well water.

Simple Solution: MMSD sell water to Waukesha at current (or discounted) rates, thereby increasing their demand and eliminating the need to increase water rates to their current customers.


Dad29 said...

The move by Milwaukee to sell water to Waukesha was made precisely b/c Milwaukee needs the volume.

It is FANTASY to imagine that anything other than Milwaukee's interests are at play here.

Dad29 said...


Go here:

Check out the 'comments.'

Perhaps you left one of them....

Headless Blogger said...

Not my comments. But I use the red stuff anyway.

Dad29 - If you're up for barbecue and pie, stop over tomorrow after 2:00. You can even talk liturgy with Troglopundit's math teacher.

Headless Blogger said...

I think you know where I live, if not, we're the first house on Lindsay with a BBQ trailer in the front yard.

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