Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dear Abby, Dear Abby ....

Dear Abby,

I was alone with my company's president for several hours this week and it wasn't long before he started tossing out liberal talking points - "That idiot Sarah Palin," "The failed Bush administration," etc. The man is tremendously successful and a brilliant man in his area of expertise, but his understanding of politics is stuck at a very adolescent level. He's a NPR listening, big city, limousine liberal; and certainly gets more reinforcement of his beliefs than he needs from his circle of friends.

I mostly bit my tongue, despite him saying he doesn't hold anyone's political views against them. Yeah, right!

Did I do the right thing or should I have challenged him, revealed my beliefs, and pointed out factual errors (little things like Congress controls expenditures and the Democrats have controlled Congress since 2007)?


A total suck up

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Dad29 said...

The left-o-moron you describe is part of the Ruling Class.

You, schmeck, are not.

So shut up.