Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hello McFly? Anybody home? Huh?
Think, McFly. Think!

Some minor league baseball promoter is peddling his idea for my neighborhood.
Pewaukee looks at baseball plan
Group wants to build stadium

Chad Bauer, Lake Country Baseball Group president, said he is looking for a private-public partnership with the city. He wants the city to approve using about 6 acres of city park land for the stadium, which would be built by private investors.
Hey Chad, Pewaukee is within 20 minutes of Miller Park. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. MILWAUKEE BREWERS. Have you heard of them?????

Okay, stupid ideas get pitched to municipalities all the time. Here's the city's initial reception to this guy.
"Being a baseball person, I think it would be an absolute gem for the community," Del Kaatz, the city's representative to the Tourism Committee, said about a proposal by the Lake Country Baseball Group to build a stadium and have a Northwoods League team play there.
Isn't that sweet.

Chad & Del, I've got a much better idea for you. You are the baseball lovers, build the freaking ballpark by your homes.

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