Sunday, February 11, 2007

Re: Hello McFly? Anybody home? Huh?
Think, McFly. Think!

I have given some more thought to the proposed Pewaukee baseball stadium.

I wasn't too thrilled when I learned that the 60 acres of corn and soybeans across from my home would be replaced with a city park featuring a huge soccer complex. The increase in traffic and noise could be substantial. But Pewaukee is making an effort to minimize the impact on nearby properties and I can rationalize the park's use for taxpaying citizens and their children. Simply put, it is for the overall public good.

I see no similar rationale for the community's interest with this baseball stadium. It is privately run and built for the benefit of a few exceptional college ballplayers from throughout the nation and their corporate handlers. Very few Pewaukee residents will know or care that it is here, or ever visit the ballpark. In addition, since the soccer fields are to be located in a remote area of the park, the stadium would have to be located in the front yards of several taxpayers.

The MJS story also mentions using 6 acres for the stadium. It does not say how much more acreage is needed for parking. With 1250 seats, at least 500 parking spaces are needed - imagine the parking lot at a very large high school. Stadium lights, crowd noise, tailgate parties, traffic and litter all near the flood plain of Spring Creek and right outside my bedroom window. I don't think that is a good idea.

story also says that the promoter is "looking for a private-public partnership with the city." Are these code words for city owned - privately controlled and operated? I think it means no property taxes on this stadium and Pewaukee residents can forget about ever using the ballpark.

If the City of Pewaukee is giving away land, I should ask for some acreage for my Short-Game Golf Center business plan. At least a large part of the population has an interest in golf and participates regularly. Who do you know that follows minor league baseball? Especially when there is a major league franchise within 15 miles of the bush-leaguers.


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