Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Favre is a lock for MVP #4

Do the math for the NFL's 4 top teams:
  • Patriots 14-0-0, 7 Pro Bowl Starters, 4 on offense (1 = Tom Brady)
  • Cowboys 12-2-0, 6 Pro Bowl Starters, 5 on offense (0 = Tony Romo)
  • Patriots 12-2-0, 3 Pro Bowl Starters, 2 on offense (0 = Peyton Manning)
  • Packers 12-2-0, 3 Pro Bowl Starters, 1 on offense (= Brett Favre)
Brett Favre carried his team with no 1st team Pro Bowl quality offensive help.

Sorry Brady, you had Moss to throw to and Light & Mankins protecting you.
Same goes with Dallas and Indy, rich with offense talent.

On the other hand, with no decent protection
, Favre was scrambling for his life and had no elite talent to throw to. He did it all by himself, defining the NFL's Most Valuable Player.

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