Friday, December 14, 2007

Concrete Nirvana

I came across a link to this map in the comments at Boots & Sabers. At first I was curious about what could have been and how many of the trips that I typically take would be eased by these proposed and canceled freeways.

From Pewaukee east to UWM, south to Chicago, or north towards Manitowoc, I could hop on the freeway right outside my front door and save minutes and miles.
... right outside my front door ...
Upon closer examination, my observation was exactly correct. It appears that the proposed Bay Freeway was planned to run right through my front yard. That minor league ballpark doesn't look so bad after all.

Visit the Wisconsin Highways website for details and history of highways throughout the state. Fascinating stuff.

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Dad29 said...

Another proposal was to run a belt parallel to the WE high-tension right-of-way (about 200th st. west)--but in Bkfld and New Berlin, that's almost all lowland/swamp.

Better idea: put Doyle's office there. He'd fit right in with other swampdwellers.