Monday, November 23, 2009

They found the hockey stick!

I made a comment at Dad's blog on Saturday that although the leaked Climate Research Unit emails were pretty damning, the good stuff would come out when the climate experts started going through the computer files. Well, I was both right and wrong on that one.

Although some nuggets have been mined from the computer code, it wasn't the climatologists that found them. It is the computer programmers that hit the jackpot. Buried in over 350 comments at Watts Up With That? is this comment on some specific lines of code.

Thanks to debreuil (04:25:44) : and Spartacus (06:17:59) : for bringing this to our attention.

; Apply a VERY ARTIFICAL correction for decline!!
2.6,2.6,2.6]*0.75 ; fudge factor
if n_elements(yrloc) ne n_elements(valadj) then message,’Oooops!’

This may be the real smoking gun. It appears that Briffa just made up numbers to add to the dendro measurements to give the result he wanted. These were not weights, but temperature values added to the raw measurements, see the ‘yyy+yearlyadj’ in the code. Not only did he add temperature to eliminate the post-1960 decline (the ‘trick’), but subtracted it from measurements around the 1930s to eliminate the warm period there.

In words that even old biddies and young girls just going through first menses can understand, this computer program adds up to 2.6 degrees Celsius to temperatures starting in the 1970's and continuing until 2000 to give the appearance of GLOBAL WARMING! That's over 4 degrees Fahrenheit, and is a huge "fudge factor" (their word, not mine) made to show a false correlation of rising global temperature to rising carbon dioxide levels.

No wonder the Warmists would never share their data or computer correlations with the skeptics. They were made up. And it only took four days for some custodians, WalMart employees and laborers to prove it.

12/4/09 UPDATE:

The Climategate blogosphere catches up with Headless. Today at WUWT.

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