Friday, December 04, 2009

Don't let Frank Busalacchi see this

I know just the spot in Madison for one of these.

I recently had occasion to drive through one of the new roundabouts on Hwy 310 North of Manitowoc. Despite my previous comments, these roundabouts actually work. No need for me or the driver to my right to stop. We just slowed and safely zoomed through that crossroads. I think the key to successful traffic circles is a low volume of traffic. That said ... there is no way in hell to justify those things in a cost-benefit analysis. Nevermind the carbon footprint of all that pavement and asphalt.

HT - PM, via Instapundit.


Dad29 said...

The economic justification lies in the pockets of the RoadBuilderLobby.

Headless Blogger said...

You are a cynic. And I mean that is the best of ways.