Saturday, March 12, 2011

Travel on the Hypocrite Highway

I drove to Madison in our Dodge minivan (purchased under my late father-in-law's UAW pricing agreement) to pick up some furniture today. Traffic was heavy on 94 and there were several school buses holding up traffic. It wasn't an event at the Kohl Center as I first thought. Just another union protest.

After a while I realized I was in one of the very few UAW built vehicles on I-94, probably less than 10% of the cars. This especially hit me when a Volvo passed me with a Solidarity poster in the window.

I guess the reasoning goes that when spending one's publicly paid salary, union built vehicles are not of good enough quality and value to purchase. But when spending a portion of MY salary, the union gets to demand that it must go to poor quality and low value union employees.

Sorry, but you can't pick and choose Solidarity. Trade in that Toyota for a Ford, Chrysler, or GM vehicle.

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