Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Musician Dies at a Young Age

The Captain reports on the too early death of the lead singer of the rock band Boston. I don't know the guy's name name and don't care.

This guy may have been the Paul Whiteman of 1970's rock & roll. A very talented musician who gained fame and fortune by playing lousy music. Anyone who attended Prof. Leckrone's Big Bands class at UW should recall his disdain for Whiteman. The Paul Whiteman Band played overly practiced and overly precise "jazz" music. It did not swing and was not big band jazz.

Similarly, every note played or synthecized by this Boston guy was perfect. It was not rock. Boston represents everything wrong with 1970's rock music.

Thankfully this man won the war and changed it all.

The stadium rock fad is dead too. Rest in peace Boston singer. Burn in hell Boston band and music.


Dad29 said...

Burn in hell Boston band and music

Why don't you tell us what you REALLY think?

Headless Blogger said...

I may want to remember that someone actually reads this stuff.

Raptor Pack said...

Fuck you and the horse you rode on. Boston revolutionized the way that music is recorded. They managed to make incredible sound with out the help of drugs. Not to mention that Brad Delp and Tom Scholtz never bought into the stereotypical image of rockstars during that time period. And their music can be an inspiration to people anywhere. They never abused the subjects of sex, alchohol, drugs, or death like many other bands were doing at the time. Boston was an escape from punk, disco, and all the other music that was emerging during those years. "Amanda", the first song on the Album, Third Stage, speaks to a problem that no other band speaks to. In most other love songs, the conflict is usually a. competion, b.parents don't like guy, or c. girl doesn't like guy.
Well in "Amanda", they guy and the girl are good friends, and he is starting to fall in love for her. Yet he is afraid to ask her out because of what could happen to their friendship if her reaction to his confession is negative or they go out for awhile and then break up.
Brad Delp was a one in a million. Acording to Tom Scholtz: "The nice thing about Brad, was his incredible ability in the studio. He was a master at controlling his voice — he could do things over and over, changing one note and doing everything else the same. He’s a natural overdubber, he can perfectly match what’s on tape, he can sing harmonies with himself and keep dozens of parts in his mind.”
So guess what asshole. There is nothing wrong with Boston. Those songs are perfect because Tom Scholtz is a perfectionist and spent nearly five or more years to make sure that it was PERFECT. And do you know what else? He did almost all of his recording for each album in the comfort of his own basement. And even after being a rockstar, he still lives in the house he bought back when he was working for Polaroid. And boston is Rock. It is the very essence and definition of rock. So understand this: whatever it is that you are listening to that you think defines rock and makes you think that Boston isn't rock, is nothing more that a pile of dog shit transmitted through a lazer onto a piece of plastic.

Anonymous said...

holy shit that guy is right. i dont know what the fuck u were thinking when u posted this, not even including brad delps name, but man r u fucking retarded. tom scholz is one of the most talented guys in rock and roll. he not only plays the guitar, but he writes music, produces it, and is an engineer and creates the sound on the amps. brad delp had a voice that was insurpassable by many standards. so boston should not burn in hell, you should.

Headless Blogger said...

Welcome Teenyboppers,

I understand that they regularly use Mr. Scholtz's "music" at Gitmo when water-boarding doesn't work.

I never could stand bubblegum music of any sort.

Anonymous said...

your fuckin retarded. i respect your oppinions but saying that bruce springsteen is better than boston? wtf are you smoking... atleast boston has talent unlike that shit bruce calls music. hes a pussy and takes it up the ass.