Saturday, March 31, 2007

My favorite $49.99 a pound steak

Gagliano's Market in Delafield has Wagyu filets on sale for half-off their regular price, a mere $24.99 a pound this week. They also offer a $5 coupon, so it was about $30 for three American Kobe Beef filet mignon steaks.

American Kobe Beef is a trade name for meat from Wagyu cattle, a type of beef that is well marbled and is a legendary delicacy of Japan. Until recently, the flavor and tenderness of Kobe beef could only be experienced by those traveling to to the meat producing regions of Japan.
The Foodologist wrote: Wagyu beef is world renowned because of its exquisite marbling. The large amount of intramuscular fat essentially helps the beef stay moist during the cooking procedure and helps give it a beautifully unctuous mouth feel whilst eating. It also has a slightly different flavour profile to conventional breeds. The only way to describe it is that is has a slightly ‘beefier’ flavour than your average breed.

Was it worth it? Yes!

These were the best steaks I have ever grilled. Steakhouse, make that expensive steakhouse quality beef, and I couldn't buy one of these steaks for that $30
at a steakhouse.

The Foodologist was exactly correct.

Don't let the word of this get out, or we are likely to see them going for $51.99/lb.


mickey said...

I love Gagliano's. I was there at 8am today.
Their groceries are not expensive, but you can spend as much as your wallet will allow for their delicasies. And their delicasies are EPIC.
I've had various steaks and Kobe's. Gaglianos rocks

Anonymous said...

I really like Gagliano's! It is my favorite store in the area, and my favorite grocery store anywhere.