Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My favorite $1.99 a pound steak

I use an old butcher trick* for my cheap steaks. I start with a boneless blade chuck roast - on sale for $1.99/pound for this piece of choice Angus.

Then the roundish piece is split off from the roast along the natural seams and to produce a 1-1/2 inch thick ribeye, that is not a ribeye. This steak is actually the continuation of the "eye" muscle from the rib primal into the chuck primal. This is only the width of a knife cut from being a choice Angus ribeye steak.

That was the best steak I've cooked for myself in a very long time. While the texture is slightly different than ribeye, the flavor is excellent.

Don't let the word of this get out, or we're likely to see them going for $11.99/lb.

* Cutting Up in the Kitchen, Merle Ellis, (c) 1975


Billiam said...

Looks worth a try. I need to go now. My mouth is watering... LOL

Peter said...

Thanks. Now I am hungry.