Thursday, July 12, 2007

XM Programming

XM replied to my billing inquiry regarding their Live Earth broadcast. No surprises.

Thank you for contacting XM Satellite Radio.

We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to your email. We are sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with the programming that was aired on 07/07/2007. We regret to inform you that we are unable to provide you with a service credit for 07/07/2007, as you were able to receive our service. However, we have forwarded your email to our Programming Department for review.

In the future, please feel free to contact our Programming Department directly at regardingthe programming on XM.If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to send us an additional emailor you may contact at Listener Care Representative directly at 1-800-XMRADIO (800-967-2346).For commercial accounts please contact 1-888-689-2300. As always, visit our website at for all the latest news at XM SatelliteRadio.

1 comment:

Gary said...

I highly doubt that their programming department will care. But maybe. They made enough money off that to make anyone not care.