Thursday, October 01, 2009

I guess Mark needs me to spell it out

Yeah, on today's show Belling repeated my points from yesterday's post. But he never made it to the logical conclusion. So I'll do this slowly for you Mark.

Yes Mark, a roundabout costs more than stop signs or traffic signals. And yes, DOT planners prefer roundabouts Mark.

But where your giant analytical brain didn't take you Mark, is that Wisconsin's roadbuilders also prefer roundabouts. And these for profit roadbuilders have good reason to prefer roundabouts. That reason is because they cost more to build, and therefor they make more profit.

These roadbuilders are also big contributors to Governor Doyle and his Democratic colleagues. Let me know if you need help making the giant leap from Jim Doyle's political contributors to DOT preferences for road design.

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Dad29 said...

Too bad for Tommy Thompson, eh?

He, too, coulda had several $Zillion more from the roadbuilders!