Friday, October 16, 2009

UFO Boy - Tinfoil Hat Dad

The father of a 6-year-old boy who was thought to be in a helium balloon that floated away said Friday accusations that the ordeal was a publicity stunt are "extremely pathetic." The sheriff said he will be asking more questions.

Richard Heene and his family made the rounds on all three television networks on Friday, and the boy at the center of the saga got sick twice when he and his father were asked during separate interviews what he meant when he said that "we did this for a show."

Falcon Heene vanished around the time his family's homemade helium balloon floated away from their home on Thursday, setting off a national uproar as authorities scoured the plains of northern Colorado for the youngster. Turns out, he was hiding in the rafters of the family's garage.

During a live interview with CNN Thursday night, Falcon said he had heard his family calling his name but didn't come out of the attic hiding place because his father "had said that we did this for a show." The boys' parents — Richard and Mayumi Heene — are storm chasers who appeared twice in the ABC reality show "Wife Swap."

Setting aside the allegations of this being a hoax, how is having a flying machine with a child-size basket in the backyard any different than having a loaded handgun on the kitchen table?

Where is CO's Division of Child Welfare in this story?

UPDATE: Here's the answer to the second question.

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Fat Sal said...

My thoughts exactly. WTF was a helium balloon doing tethered to a house with three young boys?

I would've expected more from an amateur, uneducated, unqualified, wife-swapping "storm chaser."