Thursday, October 08, 2009

Don't Be Bitter

I really want that bottle of bitters.

So I'm trying to meticulously follow the contest entry instructions posted here.

The fact is that my Famous Rum Old Fashioned recipe is good, but is missing that special ingredient that would make it my Brilliant Rum Old Fashioned recipe. That missing ingredient comes in a bottle that reads "Beefeater 24 Bitters."

The recipe is Stephan’s secret but he did tell me that lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, and ‘a few different types of citrus’ are featured.
That sounds exactly like what I need for my cocktail. Let's make it happen. The rules say.
Post a submission on your blog or website and include the photo of the Beefeater 24 bitters (please download it here and host it yourself) and the title “Don’t Be Bitter” to make it official. Then, use the post as a “shout out” to another cocktail blogger—discuss a time when you were jealous of (or “bitter” about) another blogger’s booze collection, prized bottle of liquor, a cocktail-related trip they took, or an experience they had. Put any bitterness aside and share the link-love with your fellow cocktail bloggers. Make sure you link back to this post so your name gets thrown in the hat. You’ve got the whole month of October to get your post up [final deadline: 11:59pm Eastern time, 10/31/09] and the winner will be announced here the first week of November. Get on board, bitters-lovers!
How am I doing:

1. Post submission with photo - see above.

2. Title post "Don't Be Bitter" - done.

3. Shout out to cocktail blogger - Hey Fat Sal, who could that be?

Jealous me? Not since Absinthe became available in the good ol' U.S. of A.

But there was a time in a dark era of our history when Fat Sal was virtually just the proprietor of a Tapas Bar. Back then he made sure to let me know that Absinthe was for he, but not for me (the link on his page is broken, go here for Sal's eloquent Absinthe dissertation). But now Fat Sal and I have made up and occasionally go so far as to share massive quantities of Smoke Day barbecue, encased meats, and Atomic Camel Turds.

4. Link back - done again.

Send me my Beefeater 24 Bitters, bitte.

1 comment:

Fat Sal said...

Well, I think you deserve to win just for mentioning the legendary Fat Sal.

Yes, absinthe is now legal in the US. But alas, nothing tastes quite so sweet as forbidden fruit.

Knowing the importance of a good Old Fashioned to any respectable cheesehead, I'm rooting for you all the way. If there is anything (short of bribery) that I can do to help your cause, just yelp.

Fat Sal

PS: If you don't make the final cut, Fee Brothers probably has your next best alternative