Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No longer a blog

I was batting this around with Steve at the No Runny Eggs today.

With all the hoopla of the redesign of Michelle Malkin's blog, the point that is missed is that it is no longer a blog.

Click this
link and you are not at a blog. There is a heading on the right that says "Blog," but it isn't a blog. It is a list of headlines with links to articles. A lot like the JSOnline website offers headlines with links to their articles.

I expect a blog to be a series of posts on a webpage without the need to separately click links to read the content. To illustrate the difference, the JSOnline website also offers NewsWatch, A Weblog of today's local news. Once in NewsWatch, all the content is available without further links. That is a blog. Sorry, but michellemalkin.com is not a blog anymore.

Malkin is more interested in hits to her links, than having her content read. I postulate that this is a keystone of the Pajama's Media business model (can you spell IPO?). I disapprove. Perhaps another enterprising blogger will put all of Malkin's content in one place to bypass this silliness.


steveegg said...

I have one word; SharpReader. Set it to auto-open her content, and bam, you've got all of her posts.

Headless Blogger said...

Thank you Steve. I rely on you tech-savvy types to provide solutions for me. I'll do anything I can do to avoid feeding the Pajama's beast.

steveegg said...

Oh, and registration for comments at mm.com is now open. Because my feed reader just happened to update right after she posted that fact, I'm the first comment :-)