Monday, June 11, 2007

Will someone answer the question?

Delavan police have identified the victims of a suspected murder-suicide that claimed the lives of six people, including infant twins and their mother. Police said they believe that Amborosio Analco, 23, the father of the twins and ex-boyfriend of the mother, did the shootings and then took his own life.
Might Mr. Analco be a friend of Borat Sagdiyev visiting the U.S. legally from Kazakhstan?


This morning's paper answers the question.

Analco's first name is spelled three ways in court records: Ambrosio, Argenis and Aguenis. Walworth County District Attorney Phil Koss said Analco, who was born in Mexico, had a Social Security card, but Koss did not know if he was a U.S. citizen.


Dad29 said...

Uh huh.

On the other hand, the multi-marriage/shackup stuff (IMHO) is far more significant than the citizenship question.

Recall the Prototypical Horror Story, Shelley's Frankenstein.

It was the model for all those which follow--all of Hitchcock's horror flix, the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," etc.

Basically, the story line is: "You play, you pay."

Headless Blogger said...

No argument here. Some sweet talking cute adult Mexican guy talked the pants off of a lonely minor American girl.

One of the realities is that the cultural expectations of the two were completely different. She was proably not the subservient little woman that he was brought up to expect and demand.

Back to the original hand, if Ambrosio had remained on the other side of the border, three American girls would be alive today and these 3 particular infants would never have been conceived.