Sunday, August 05, 2007

Crappy Airports - YVR

So I'm struggling through the Vancouver Airport yesterday, 30 minutes waiting for my luggage to arrive from the ship, another 30 minutes waiting for USAirways to open their check-in gate, 20 minutes in the queue to reach and clear Customs & Immigration and then total confusion. Then they have 20 to 30 C&I gates immediately funnel down to 2 stations for depositing checked bags, only one of which is working.

I finally get past the bag drop and some joker comes barging through the line, "I don't have any
bags to check, let me through. They said I could go ahead if I don't check my bags."

This seemed to be working very well for him until he got to me. I bluntly told him (my wife said I yelled) that we all only had carry-ons at this point and that he should get his butt in line. He fell into line behind me and told me to calm down.

"Calm down" to me is like "Chicken" to one of the male members of the McFly family. I was an hour and a half into this mess, this jerk decides that lines don't apply to him, and I should calm down. I loudly, but calmly, said to my wife that I'm not the one that smells like the inside of a Tanqueray bottle at 11:00 a.m. and don't need to calm down.

My wife got pissy with me the rest of the way through that line. Only when we make it through security did she tell that the guy I yelled at was TV actor Miguel Ferrer. I thought he looked vaguely familiar, but it didn't click for me. Today I learned that he is regularly traveling to Vancouver to film a TV series, so I call bullshit on his excuse for barging through the lines. He knew how the line worked better than any of us tourists.

Warning to terrorists: Don't even think of jumping the queue if I am ahead of you.

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