Monday, August 06, 2007

"This sal fellow is a douche."

So says Nicki.

I was checking out my blog-hit map and following some of the referring links when I came upon this one. Cool, I thought. They are quoting me in disparaging terms and linking to my blog. I have made the big time.

The posting was in response to Sal DeTraglia's trip report from WDW (Sal's original blog post which included my witty comment is mysteriously missing). As I scrolled through the comments that "sal fellow" line jumped out at me. I am so jealous.

In the long comments thread there are many that assume that Sal is a jerk Spaniard, not knowing that he is really a jerk ex-pat Flatlander. Interesting stuff going on in there. I hope it isn't too late to join the fun.

Note to Sal - I was going to email this link to you, but I do not have your contact information. Please email me at cminion at earthlink dot net. I may have a not-so-virtual Tapas Bar opportunity coming up in Santander. Cheers.

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