Friday, August 10, 2007

Trout habitat bleg

I read this article in Smithsonian magazine about reintroduction of trout to long dead streams in the Western U.S. and wondered if trout could live in the creek running through my property.

Pertinent Information:
The creek is spring fed with at least one mile protected as a nature area in a municipal park and a deeded conservancy area through my land. However, the creek also runs between several quarries and farm fields, and receives upstream discharge from a sewerage processing plant.

The stream bed is predominantly rock & stone due to the minimal top soil covering the Lannon stone base in this area.

Following several days of heavy rain in early August, the water temperature is 73 degrees (F) with local air temperature of 82 (although it is 89 in the sun nearby). I postulate that the water temperature is close to the annual peak.

The water is fairly clear, looking like this as compared to tap water.

Are there any trout experts reading this blog that can tell me if this creek viable as a trout stream?

Thank you for any help.

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