Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oddly enough ...

After several months of gross speculation on Obama's citizenship, religion, and even his name; suddenly a telltale document is found on the Internet. Hillary operative, TexasDarlin, has been publishing some astonishingly baseless reports starting with Obama's birth certificate and concluding last week with a quasi-legal analysis by a pseudonymous layperson concluding that Obama's name is really Barry Soetoro (where the hell did that come from?).

Curiously, just today they found this image of Obama/Soetoro's Indonesian school registration that has been lurking unseen on the Internet for 18 months.

Something does not smell right with this.

Perhaps TexasDarlin's anonymous document "experts" should examine this image for authenticity. Probably not needed, since the source of the document is well known to the blog's authors.

A nice layer of plausible deniability for HRC and her campaign.

Hillary is making her case for the convention.

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