Friday, December 12, 2008

Barack Oblago

Jonah Goldberg must have tapped into Mark Steyn's supply of absinthe when he wrote today's column about Chicago political corruption. He had way too much fun writing this stuff.
There’s the enormous I-should-have-had-a-V8! moment as the mainstream press collectively thwacks itself in the forehead, realizing it blew it again. The New York Times — which, according to Wall Street analysts, is weeks from holding editorial-board meetings in a refrigerator box — created the journalistic equivalent of CSI-Wasilla to study every follicle and fiber in Sarah Palin’s background, all the while treating Obama’s Chicago like one of those fairy-tale lands depicted in posters that adorn little girls’ bedroom walls. See there, Suzie? That’s a Pegasus. That’s a pink unicorn. And that’s a beautiful sunflower giving birth to a fully grown Barack Obama, the greatest president ever and the only man in history to be able to pick up manure from the clean end.
But in another paragraph Goldberg gives Obama an undeserved benefit of the doubt.
But, there is a nice moral to the story here. For the last several years, we’ve heard a lot about “new politics.” We are going to start fresh and put aside the old politics and the old ways. So far, it looks like Obama did nothing wrong, and I hope that remains the case. But it’s worth remembering that there really isn’t any such thing as a “new politics.” Politics is eternal because human nature is unchanging. Even Barack Obama, hero-saint light-worker Jedi Knight Messiah that he is, came from a political culture that would not be unrecognizable to Caligula.
Obama has done nothing wrong? Yeah, right. Imagine Blagojevich saying this into that FBI bug.
He wants that f***ing [Senate Candidate 1] for his Senate seat and all that prick offers is his f***ing appreciation. F*** him!

My f***ing wife wants a two f***ing million dollar joint in Hyde Park. If she ever expects to cross that f***ing threshold, she better give Hot Rod more than f***ing appreciation, if you know what I f***ing mean.

F*** that mother f***ing Nigerian bastard. If he comes up with a f***ing quarter of the price of that house the b**ch is nagging me for, then I'll think about appointing f***ing [Senate Candidate 1].

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How far out is that? There is no evidence that even Blago was this f***ing blatant in his corruption.

Maybe in Goldberg's sunflower fantasy world a near bankrupt Mrs. Rezko can come up with $625,000 to pay towards the $2,275,000 price of Barack Obama's Hyde Park estate in her dream of someday living next door to the Chosen One. But in the sleazy world of Chicago graft and corruption, the reality is that political fixer Tony Rezko laundered a down payment from someone to his wife to buy the lot. He did this so that no one could ever build next to Michelle Obama's dream home. Obama, Rezko and that unidentified benefactor were definitely more careful and cunning than Blagojevich in his auction of a Senate seat, but that does not diminish the facts of Obama's sleazy and corrupt real estate deal.

This is the very same Tony Rezko who is ratting out Blagojevich. But Blago, universally acknowledged as the most blatantly corrupt politician in America today, didn't go out scheming for almost two-thirds of a million bucks to help pay for a new house.

Mrs. Obama's $100,000 raise from nowhere is another example of Barack receiving political favors. But that's another episode. Lightworker my f***ing a**.

To say that Obama "did nothing wrong" is a bald faced lie. Surely Obama won't be indicted, won't go to trial, and won't go to prison, but the truth of the matter is obvious. The political paybacks Obama has received are substantial and should not be sugar-coated by political pundits and the press. Jonah Goldberg should know better.

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Kinda getting to the point where eliminating the entire Political Class would be a good thing.