Sunday, December 14, 2008

The cause of global warming - confirmed

Credit where credit is due. This graphic was developed by Warren Meyer using Anthony Watt's analysis (Watt's results shown below).

Everything you need to know about the cause of global warming is right here. The raw measured temperature data for the last 120 years show a cooling trend. Only after the global warming fraudsters adjust this data to match their theories and models does a "Global Warming Trend" emerge.

This brings me to that warning at the end of the late Michael Crichton's State of Fear:


There is no physical evidence of anthropogenic global warming. All the panic being generated by Al Gore, James Hansen, and Obama's Energy Secretary Steven Chu is based on computer simulations. Simulations using certain specific positive feedback assumptions with no factual physical basis.

Crichton wrote:
(I)t sounds like they went out and measured something. Actually, they just ran a simulation. They talk as if simulations were real-world data. They're not. That's a problem that has to be fixed.
Frankly, it is even worse than what Crichton wrote. "They" (meaning the Global Warming Industry) cannot even be trusted with the "real-world" data. It is just something to manipulate to confirm their models and simulations.

Even anomalous and physically suspect measured data passes through these alarmists without critical analysis. They have a vested interest in promoting a climate change panic. Their jobs depend on it.

One further note. The graphics in this post use only U.S. temperature data. The data from most of the rest of the planet is even more suspect and show greater global warming. Quality control cannot be confirmed in many of these nations. But more significant is the fact that many of the nations "producing data" showing an anthropogenic global warming effect will be the beneficiaries of significant economic gain if the United States is handcuffed by restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.


Deekaman said...

Global Warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the world. The basis of science is in trying to disprove a theory. Global Warming is all about changing the parameters to fit the theory. It's a religion and those who don't believe are heretics.

Russell Wallace said...

Nice job proving global warming is a hoax! That chart clearly shows that it's getting colder here. Go USA! Of course, it doesn't show what's happening in the rest of the world, but who cares about them anyway.

Besides, everybody knows adjustments are stupid. Every year I make a budget for my business, and I never adjust it. My sales might go down, or my costs up, but I always stick to what my budget says. Adjustments, like reality, are for liberal losers.

And it's really brilliant how you chose the short term-averaging to emphasize how fast the temperature trend is dropping.

Heck, just last week I used the same trick to try to get my bank to give me a loan by showing them how fast my income was going up. Unfortunately they noticed that the upward trend on my chart was rather short. Damn liberal bankers! They just ignored the fact that I tripled my income in the last month. So what if it was just money I won at the casino. The fact that I beat the house once proves I can do it any time I want to!

Headless Blogger said...

Russ - I answer the worldwide temp question in my post. Try reading before making comments on issues I have already addressed.

Question - Why are the current temperatures the ones being adjusted? Why not just use 1880 temperature measurement technology if it is more accurate and does not need to be adjusted? Also, since the UHI effect is well documented, current adjustments should be downward, not upward, as the fraudsters consistently do.

Is it okay to laugh at the Global Warming Denial Deniers yet?

Russell Wallace said...

Saying "The data from most of the rest of the planet is even more suspect and show greater global warming." is hardly addressing the topic. More like waving your hands and saying "The more I disagree with the data the harder I'm going to try to ignore it."

As for the GISTEMP adjustments, you're the one challenging an established and generally accepted procedure, so the burden is on you to show why it's wrong. And saying you don't like the results is hardly a science-based argument.

I believe Hansen has released the GISTEMP code, and both the raw and adjusted data is available, so if there's some nefarious plot to manipulate temperature records then you should be able to prove that pretty easily. Be sure to get back to when you do.

Russell Wallace said...

I confirmed that Hansen has released the GISTEMP code. The GISTEMP web page also has a full listing of the adjustments that have been made, and the reasons for them. The URL is:

If you have a specific issue with any of the adjustments I'd be happy to discuss it with you.