Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Global warming's cause discovered

On Monday you may have read about NASA's James Hansen declaring that October 2008 was the hottest October on record. The Climate Skeptic blog had this report.
For October, the GISS metric is showing the hottest October on record, nearly 0.8C hotter than it was 40 years ago in 1978. However, the satellites are showing no such thing, showing a much cooler October, and a far smaller warming trend over the last 40 years.

So which is right? Well, the situation is not helped by the fact that the GISS metric is run by James Hansen, considered by skeptics to be a leading alarmist, and the UAH is run by John Christy, considered by alarmists to be an arch-skeptic. The media generally uses the GISS data, so expect stories in the next day or so trumpeting "Hottest October Ever," which the Obama administration will wave around as justification for massive economic interventions. But by satellite it will only be the 10th or so hottest in the last 30, and probably cooler than most other readings this century.
That graphic at the top of the page shows the reason for the high GISS readings. A large area of northern Asia reported an average measured temperature for October that was 13.7 degrees Celsius warmer than normal.

Putting that into words that you and I can understand, a North America-sized area across Northern Asia was 25 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal for the month of October. I guess that would account for the new record high month. Twenty-five degrees warmer ... I'm surprised I didn't read about that in the news.


A blogger looking through NASA's dataset discovered an error. For the large area with the record high temperatures, September's temperatures were erroneously repeated for October. Again, putting it in terms that you and I can understand, NASA's vaunted Quality Assurance Program could not find this error, but some guy eating Pop Tarts in his pajamas at home did.

Even more amazing is that a huge brown 25 degree stain on the global temperature map was published by NASA without raising one single eyebrow within the buracracy.

From this it is easy to discern the cause of Global Warming. It is NASA's Dr. James Hansen fudging his data to achieve the results he needs to justify his abysmal climate model.

Aussie blogger Andrew Bolt may have put it best.

The Goddard Institute of Space Studies of warming extremist James Hansen has released its latest surface temperature data - and, oh my god, the recent cooling has suddenly ended.

Yes, it shows a huge upward spike for October - one of the biggest monthly anomalies ever recorded. And when you check closely, you will find that ... September was the hottest October ever recorded.

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