Friday, November 07, 2008

BREAKING: GAB says no vote fraud in Wisconsin

This may not be the officially published position of Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board. But it is the mindset of their staffers.

My leftist friend working in the cesspool of Wisconsin government reports that his breakroom buddies from the GAB's Election Division say that voter fraud in Wisconsin "is virtually non-existent when compared to the number of voters." They have also told him over donuts and coffee that "voter registration discrepancies never have been proven to lead to voter fraud." These public servants are more concerned with "voter suppression" that voter fraud.

Other than the Black Panthers, who was suppressing voters this year? News reports say that 2008 voter turnout was the "best in generations." This record turnout was led by African-Americans, with white Republican voting lagging 2004 turnout. There was even that black gentleman bragging to CNN about voting three times. From this I conclude that those Panthers were pretty damn effective in suppressing the white vote. Investigate THAT, GAB.

With the mindset of these hacks, why does the Election Division still exist? They have no interest in understanding and enforcing Wisconsin's election statutes. Jim Doyle can start here in making up that $3 Billion budget shortfall.

Nevermind these poll watcher reports from Milwaukee's inner city. There is nothing to see here, please move along.


Dad29 said...

Wrong conclusion from the wrong analysis.

The GAB exists to protect, preserve, and defend the Democrat Party beneficial-hegemony over Wisconsin.

Comrade, you need a short respite in our hospitality-camp, located just outside Hurley. There are no heated cabins, but that's OK. You'll maintain your temperature by breaking hand.

Headless Blogger said...

Is that where Texas Hold'em and Asian Blogger are on holiday?

Dad29 said...

AB's around, cleaning out his gutters for winter...although he won't be in-country for too long.

Peter is another case entirely. He kinda went over the edge.