Saturday, February 07, 2009

The day the nation died

Bye bye America ...

During the same week that the fiftieth anniversary of the day the music died was commemorated, we may have witnessed the day America died.

My blog has been quiet lately. Between the inevitability of the porkulus bill, uncertainty over what it will mean, and a case of blogger's block, I haven't had much to say. But Friday's passing of the Senate's splendidly selfish spending bill is something this nation cannot afford and the consequences terrify me. At a time when our nation is increasingly restrained in what it can produce, we have mortgaged our future on a package of short term fixes and throwaway spending. When it is all spent, we will look back at a lot of nothing. Nothing but a pile of political paybacks to promote the next election. This cannot go on.

How many times can you bankrupt a country? With the nation's means of production crippled or banned by Washington, and incentives to take risks reduced, there is little chance of a full economic recovery. I am frozen with fear and uncertainty with my personal investments. I see no way up and little hope of keeping ahead of the certain inflation this wasteful spending will produce.

What is left to spend? How can Obama, Reid and Pelosi create their environmentally benign socialist utopia when we are already over leveraged? The spendathon for socialized healthcare, and eventual taxing of our exhalations could be more than any civilization can support. Secession may become inevitable. But that's another blog post.

Black Friday.

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