Saturday, February 07, 2009

Headless gets Wiki-fied

All that smack is paying off as Headless Blogger rides the Bacon Explosion's fame to further exposure. There is already a Wikipedia entry for the Bacon Explosion and the Headless Blogger is rightfully credited with being the first to achieve weaved-bacon perfection. There is even an agate type link to this blog in the references.

It's like I always say - If you can't be the most popular, at least you can be the first and the best.

History and origin

Jason Day and Aaron Chronister posted the dish in December 2008 on their "BBQ Addicts" blog.[3] It quickly became an internet phenomenon, generating more than 500,000 hits and 16,000 links to the blog, and was even included on political blogs because "Republicans like meat."[4][1][2] There are fan clubs and follow-up videos of various attempts to create the dish.[2]

The inventors are experienced barbecue competition participants from Kansas City, and compete in cook-offs as the Burnt Finger BBQ team.[2] According to the Telegraph, "They came up with the delicacy after being challenged on Twitter to create the ultimate bacon recipe."[2] They christened their innovation the "Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes."[2]

The Bacon Explosion is similar to a number of previously published recipes, and Day and Chronister do not claim to have invented the concept.[1] Earlier in December 2009 (sic), Headless Blogger posted a recipe for the "Ultimate Fattie, which is comprised of sausage, chili, pepperoni, and muenster cheese rolled into a bacon lattice.[5] This concoction was inspired by a bacon and cheese roll (again, lattice-based) posted by a user on the Foodroll blog.[5][6]


Chris said...

LOL. You actually think you invented the fatty and the bacon weave? We've been cooking that shit for years. Let it go. You sound like a jealous teenager.

Headless Blogger said...

Sure Chris. I'll update Wikipedia to say that Chris from Woodland, CA claims to be the originator of the bacon-weaved fattie.

Funny that no one else had ever heard of it, including barbecue competitors who've been cooking for decades. They are all treating the Bacon Explosion as a new revelation.

AnnaZed said...

Headless, you are a fantastic genius and, it seems, an actual cook. I am glad you exist.

Now, when I saw that bacon thing in the NYT I thought four things:

1st, Does that woven bacon on the outside really get cooked on that thing?
Answer is apparently: no
2nd, Doesn't the crisped or cooked bacon in the center get soggy?
Answer is apparently: yes
3rd: Why are there no grilled onions in there?
Answer: Hummm
Why not put cheese in there?
Answer: Headless is all over that.

So thanks.

I saw a poster elsewhere on your site saying that he would make a bacon + cheeseburger version.

I think that's the one i want to make too, but I'll wait for the report from YOU (you genius).

Headless Blogger said...

Thank you AnnaZed. You are too kind.

The bacon cheeseburger version that I made was focused on being low fat. My family and neighbors really enjoyed the end made from ground turkey. We sliced the meat roll and ate it as mini-burgers.