Friday, August 28, 2009

Brat Taste-off Roster

The following bratwurst have been purchased for next weekend's Best Brat in Wisconsin Taste-off. A couple of entries from out of state have snuck in, too. We limited the entries to Sheboygan or traditional styles.
  • Christman Meat
  • Glenn’s Market
  • Gooseberry’s
  • Hoelsy's
  • Jacobson Bros.
  • J.L. Richards
  • Johnsonville
  • Karl’s Country Market
  • Klement's
  • Konop’s
  • Kramarczuk's (from Minneapolis)
  • Miesfeld’s
  • Mystery Brats
  • RJ's Meats
  • Ruef's
  • Schwai's
  • Sendik's Fine Foods
  • Sorg's
  • Spar's (from Buffalo)
  • Usinger's
  • Ream's Elburn Market (from Elburn, IL)

There will also be a poultry brat competition with the following participants.
  • Glenn’s Market Turkey Brats
  • Karl’s Country Market Turkey Brats
  • Miesfeld’s Chicken Brats
  • RJ's Meats Chicken Brats
There will be no beer wasted in the cooking of these bratwurst. Take it from the expert.
"According to Miesfeld's Meat Market's Chuck Miesfeld, a third-generation sausage maker and many times grand champion in the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors' bratwurst judging contest, the sausage should be grilled over coals with no adornment whatsoever. He says beer is what you drink with them, not what you cook them in."

- Jane & Michael Stern, 500 Things to Eat Before its too Late


Fat Sal said...

This is pretty exciting.

Not to taint the relative purity of the Wisconsin/brat theme, you want me to haul a load of brats for this joint, which is approx ten miles from my house and claims to be award winning?

Your call. I haven't tried their brats, but their "beer stix" and various jerky selections a food pornolicious.

Fat Sal said...

Well...I really should proofread before hitting "Enter."

In case you hadn't figured it out, I meant to say "...haul a load of brats FROM this joint..."

Also meant to say "...and various jerky selections ARE food pornolicious."

Headless Blogger said...

I looked at the website for Elburn meats and their brats would be a great addition to the entries. If the best brats happen to come from somewhere outside of the land of cheese, I'll have to man-up and admit it.

Fat Sal said...

Ok, I'll score some next Saturday. If this starts a FIB vs. Cheesehead war, I disclaim all responsibility.