Monday, August 31, 2009

It will be an AWESOME day!

Following in the footsteps of Wisconsin's best bloggers' chili gathering, this Sunday Wisconsin's worst bloggers (you know who you are) are invited to Brat Fest '09. At Brat Fest, we will determine the Best Bratwurst in Wisconsin.

We are now up to 23 bratwurst entries, with more coming daily. The brats in the contest are limited to traditional/Sheboygan style. See a representative list in my previous post.

The latest news is that several of my FIB guests are bringing the finest flatlander brats with them to compete. Be here to help defend our Cheesehead honor.

I'll also be serving my prize winning Hot Buttered Rum Grilled Peaches over Angel Food Mini-Waffles for dessert.

I look forward to seeing you other lousy bloggers. We may not get the hits of the big boys, but I guarantee that we will eat better. You don't need to be R.S. McCain or Dan Riehl to figure out where I live, but I'll shoot you an email if you need help.

p.s. Dad - leave that squirrel rifle at home.


Dad29 said...


I always kinda hankered for a grilled-squirrel sammich. A little sauce, wrapped in bacon....

Oh, well.

Bruce said...

(ahem) I'd keep it real low-key on the name of the event...

Might get a strongly worded letter from some folks in Madison... LOL

Fat Sal said...


How many pounds of Ream's should I bring?


Headless Blogger said...


Two pounds will suffice. I had another Flatlander guest who was going to bring Ream's brats until you beat him to it. He is an encased meats professional, so those must be good brats.