Thursday, March 13, 2008

7 Sins

I heard these new sins on Monday's Fox & Friends and first thought they came from a left wing political group. Polluting the environment, excessive wealth, creating poverty didn't sound like they came from the Vatican. So I figured this was a list of no-nos from the secular-progressives.

When I finally heard the new seven sins purportedly came from the Vatican, I started my own mental list of what actions would cause someone in Madison to be socially shunned - The Seven Leftie Sins. Obesity, tobacco use, non-diversity started my list. Then I thought of the laws that Doyle has bottled up - concealed carry, voter ID, death penalty. When I was done I had a lot more than seven sins, so I grouped them into seven general categories that any liberal fascist should appreciate.

The Seven Leftie Sins

When complete, I also realized that for each sin, secular-progressive leaders are exempt from compliance in certain circumstances.

I'll explain my thoughts behind these, including the Clinton-Gore-Obama exemptions, in future posts.


Dad29 said... I mentioned on my blogsite, that AP story about the Vatican is horrifically error-laden.

Too many to recap here, but for openers, there are NOT "new sins," nor "[new] deadly sins."

However, 'considerations of social ills' resulting from profligate waste of resources (e.g.) or aggrandizement of one's wealth at the expense of others (especially if obtained by illicit or shady methods) are on the table at the Vatican.

Not really "news," and certainly not even close to re-definition of "sin."

Headless Blogger said...

Dad - That's why I said "purported," I had read your earlier clarification and steered clear of definitively saying the list was from the church.

Dad29 said...

I noticed "purported."

But amidst your thousands of daily readers, SOME may not have--and others may not even know the meaning of the word.

BTW, it would not be very difficult to meld the Corn-a-Hole controversy into a list of sins committed by Congress.

Using feedstocks to push cars around strikes one as rather arrogant--not to say piggish, no?