Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dateline Madison

In an unprecedented midnight court session, the Wisconsin Supreme Court met overnight and ruled on the applicability of Wisconsin Statute 11.38(1). In a 4 to 3 ruling, the Court found that the statute, which forbids, absolutely, and without reserve, any corporate contributions to any candidate for office in the State of Wisconsin is not applicable to sitting Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices with last names beginning with the letters "B" or "C."

Asked to comment, Wisconsin Judicial Campaign Integrity Committee leader Thomas Hastings said, "Nothing to see here. Please move along."

Elsewhere, in a surprise move, WEAC, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, announced they will relocate their headquarters from Madison to Scottsdale, AZ. Citing Wisconsin's high taxes and poor business climate, a WEAC spokesperson also noted that the move will put the headquarters nearer to the majority of retired WEAC members and in an area with a pool of better educated workers. The spokesperson also noted that "the weather simply bites here, and we couldn't take it anymore."

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