Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bluemound Road Safety - The Obvious Solution

Another reason this state is in major debt. The thinking at the DOT seems to be, "Why spend $10,000, when we can throw $4,000,000 to the road-builders?"

There are traffic safety issues on Bluemound Road in Brookfield, the obvious answer to these bureaucrats is to foul up traffic with more and more concrete. This time in the form of disruptive median barriers.

The simpler, more effective, less disruptive, and less expensive solution is to reduce the speed limit on Bluemound and enforce it. This stretch of roadway is no longer a sleepy country road. A 45 mph speed limit is just too high for the current traffic conditions.

Drop it to a more appropriate 35 miles per hour and the road becomes more safe, not just from the lower traffic speed, but also by drivers using other roads and highways that will now be faster routes for these drivers. The cost for the new speed limit signs is a fraction of the pork being handed to the Governor's political contributors.

p.s. If you are aware of a short-cut to avoid congested traffic, do not go on the radio and blab about it. I'm talking to you, dumbass Belling caller.

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