Tuesday, April 29, 2008

That SE Wisconsin emission testing change

A couple more things about the SE Wisconsin emission testing program. First, I ran into this in yesterday's article.

Yet state documents show that exempting older vehicles means reductions in auto emissions will be slowed until 2018.

But officials at Department of Transportation and the Department of Natural Resources emphasized the effect will not hamper the state's efforts to control air emission while saving state tax dollars

For example, in 2009 pollutants are projected to be 18% to 21% lower than otherwise when older vehicles are not tested, documents show. By 2018, the difference will drop to 1% to 2%.

"The changes will not be consequential to overall air quality," said Kevin Kessler, director of the DNR's Bureau of Air Management.

Are they really saying that emissions are lower when the old cars are not tested? That makes no sense. Or does it mean that these cars are responsible for 18% to 21% to the area's pollution if untested? Or is it just poor writing?

The other thing that stands out is that the contract to do the testing is out for bids. How many Wisconsinites realize that these are not state employees testing their emissions?

About the Company
Envirotest Wisconsin Inc., a subsidiary of Environmental Systems Products, Inc. (ESP), operates the Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Program under contract to the State of Wisconsin.

Now is the perfect time to eliminate the emission testing program. Simply let the current contract expire in June. No further action required.

The test facilities can then be sold and the money used to pay down the state's debt.

UPDATE: A relevant follow-up post is here.


Jeni said...

"Now is the perfect time to eliminate the emission testing program."

Exactly! This is all so stupid and backwards it brought to mind a comment someone made to me while I was visiting an aunt in CA over 25...they said, "You're from WI? Where all the backward hicks live?"

Little did I know back then most of those backward "hicks" work in Madison. My State Senator (Leibham) has said for years this needs to be done away with, but alas, he's a Republican and apparently makes too much sense for the likes of Gov. Doyle.

Headless Blogger said...

It is even more ridiculous now that I learn that the testing that will continue checks the same thing that sends a signal to the "Emissions" or "Check Engine" lights on our dashboards.

Happy Driver said...

I am ecstatic about this new change. I drive 2 vehicles a 1995 Van and a 1988 Car. Now, I won't have to worry about fixing the exhaust system every few years!

Dad29 said...

Dear Happy Driver:

The local cops will arrest you for noise violations.

There's a law for EVERY situation in Wisconsin. And then there are extra laws just in case...

Dad29 said...

Saturday 5/3 JSOnline has a more comprehensive article.

$13+ million down the pissoir...

emissions testing said...

Vehicles can be inspected at any of the nine vehicle inspection facilities located in Sheboygan and throughout southeastern Wisconsin.
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