Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Groundhog Day

For my first week of 12 hour workdays, I dreaded the 04:25 squawking of my alarm clock. It is just insanely early, and I could barely get focused all day. I began to feel like Bill Murray in the movie. There was just no way to avoid that damn alarm clock. Not only that, but every day seems the same, with all the time at work, there's not much else that I can get done.

Finally this Monday, I woke up bright and chipper, and ready to take on the day. I started doing what Murray did in the movie, I quit fighting it and tried to make everything as good as it could be in these circumstances.

First, in order to get enough sleep, I have a maximum of 3 hours of personal time between getting home and going to bed. So I have to make choices on what I do with that time. I'm trying to exercise when I can, and I cook my meals instead of getting fast food. I am abstaining from alcohol on work nights, the last thing I need is to wake up with my head pounding. Finally, I'm enjoying the challenges of work and trying to make a difference. I am even anxious to get to work to find out what happened on night shift.

But I'm still hoping to wake up and have it be tomorrow.

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