Thursday, April 03, 2008

Good paying jobs available

This is from a report at NEI Nuclear Notes on opportunities in the nuclear world.
Today the average age of the nation's nuclear workers is about 50. Many will be eligible to start retirement at 55. Within five years, about 35 percent of the specialists who have been running U.S. nuclear plants for the past quarter-century -- about 19,600 people -- are expected to begin a mass retirement.

With the explosion in job opportunity, nuclear professionals are mobile again after years of stagnating in a low-turnover industry.
I am seeing this first hand at the Kewaunee plant's refueling outage. Of the 400 laborers brought onsite for the outage, 80% are first time nuclear workers. These workers get 72 hour work weeks, with many away from their homes for up to 2 months. Somehow the premium dollars make it worthwhile. Bring your union card, they will find work for you.

Capitalism is a wonderful thing.

Illegal immigrants need not apply.


Dad29 said...

So--how did the shopping trip work out?

Headless Blogger said...

They went to Cabela's today and were disappointed. I think they are going to Fletcher's on Sunday.

Dad29 said...

Fletcher's looks like a dump from the outside, and not that much better inside.

Very good people. Most other gun-shops in the area do not like women to be customers. These folks will be a pleasant surprise to deal with.