Saturday, April 26, 2008

Smoke Day 2008 - 4 week warning

WSM Smoke Day IV - May 24. Food at 5:00. Music at 7:00.

Features for 2008:

More Food. My teammate from the White Men Can't Smoke BBQ Team will be cooking with me. My bill of fare includes beef brisket, pork butt & picnic, baby back ribs, spare ribs, smoked sausage, chicken, and turkey. I don't know what he is cooking.

New Jello Shot Varieties. Mrs. Headless is going to try to one-up her Mojito, Margarita, Pina Colada and Root Beer Float Jello shots.

Better Organization.
We promise not to forget to serve the black bean and corn salad this time.

More People. Word is out among more family, friends and neighbors (I'm even inviting my brother this year). The SE Wisconsin Eating Team is coming.

Environmentally Conscious. Large volumes of ethanol (in the non-denatured form) will be consumed.

Famous Guest(s). One or more of the following will attend:

  1. Barack Obama - A campaign stop to roll up his sleeves with bitter small town gun and religion clingers.
  2. Prince Fielder - The perfect way to get over that vegetarian fad.
  3. Buddy Roadhouse - A stop for barbecue after a day of sampling his fabulous sauces at Sendik's Brookfield.
  4. Notable Wisconsin Bloggers. Will I recognize them when they sneak in?
Build Your Own Dessert. Mrs. Headless is giving this a try for 2008 with tarts and shortcakes.

Romance. Will we have guests meet and become engaged within 6 months again?

Live Music. My friend Tom is bringing his band over to entertain. IX Lives will be playing an unplugged set, which is still electric, but doesn't include their huge sound system. They'll feature more Zeppelin, Floyd and Petty. A special unannounced opening act, too.

RSVP. By email or in comments.

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