Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another rule for Sykes' next book

My son responded to a 'roommate wanted' ad on Thursday.

For some reason, he was really excited about the place.

Mrs. Headless later told me that the roommate was a girl.

The next day I'm cruising through my regular blogs and see a post by Bill Michaels with a young woman pictured
(that link went dead within 1 hour of this post).

She had the same name as the girl renting the place, Tatiana.

Headless Junior confirmed today it is the same girl.

Hmmm, that could make for some awkward trips to the bathroom.

Smart girl, she rented the room to someone else.

Good for my son, too. He may actually be able to study next year.

And that new rule for Charlie Sykes next book?

Rule 51: Penthouse Forum doesn't happen in real life.


M. Simon said...

Some time I will have to tell you about my experience with my girl friend and a lesbian who wanted her.

Suffice it to say such details will have to wait for a meet up.

No bits are safe on the internet. Not even e-mails.

BTW I wasted my 20s in debauchery, drink, and other useful pursuits while working my way up from bench technician to aerospace engineer.

It gave my parents years of worry and me years of fun.

On a more serious note you might enjoy my latest published porn. It is totally work safe as are the links!


Headless Blogger said...


I am afraid to ask about the girlfriend. If you can find my place (clues abound on this blog), you are welcome to twist my brain at my May 24 BBQ party.

Aerospace - I used to do that. Ground support stuff at the KSC, CCAFS, VAFB, and some downrange facilities.

I reviewed your fusion stuff previously with a very, very skeptical mind. So far all of my reservations have turned out to be invalid.