Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama's "tell"

Dad29 and I are on the same track. From his post today.
Obama is not making "gaffes." He's been a myth-maker from the first.

It's an interesting way to run a campaign. Bill Clinton got away with it for the most part--but that's because Bill Clinton was an 'extraordinarily good liar.'
How about Obama? Here's his speech at the Kohl Center.

This is his Auschwitz speech.

Besides his annoying 'Pledge of Allegiance' phrasing (I pledge allegiance -- long pause -- to the flag -- long pause -- of the United States of America...) something jumps out from the speeches. When Obama lies, the flow of his speaking breaks down. He has to think about what he is making up or his handlers told him to say. (Note: I had another example in mind that I'll post if I find it)

In contrast to Slick Willy, Obama may be one of the world's worst liars.


The great orator.

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