Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Polar Bear Catch 22

It is officially over. Science and climate realism have lost.

The evidence:

A. There's not a dime's worth of difference in the global warming policies of the 3 remaining presidential candidates. They are all in favor of a state-controlled economy based on carbon-credit rationing.

B. Up is down. Down is up. We now have "climate change." From now on, any weather event is evidence of the negative effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The frigid winter of 2008 was due to global warming in the view of McCain, Gore and the other carbon-whores.

C. Atmospheric sulfur data is not available in the open literature. Based on my efforts with Google, I conclude that the Ice Age Deniers have suppressed publication of any atmospheric sulfur data covering the period after 1990. This is my conspiracy theory, du jour.

D. The Polar Bear Catch 22 (a corollary to B). Polar bears are now protected which will impose additional environmental restrictions on U.S. industry. There is simply no way out of it.

If temperatures and/or atmospheric carbon rise, polar bears will thrive. But the temperature/carbon will be seen as evidence of strain on polar bear habitat and the protections will continue.

On the other hand, if global cooling occurs polar bears will suffer and their numbers will decline. This is, of course, evidence that more protection of polar bears is needed in the form of tighter CO2 controls. This applies even as the few remaining polar bears stay a few steps ahead of the advancing glacier.

That lousy sci-fi book is coming true.

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