Saturday, May 17, 2008

Save the polar bears

Following up on this column by Hugh Hewitt, M. Simon may have started a movement to fight back against the anti-greenhouse gas Bush administration.
Start a cottage industry with standard forms and get those letters out to the United States Fish & Wildlife Service. Don't like City Hall in your town? File a letter. Hate the Saudis? File a letter. Down on Cezar Chavez? File a letter. Don't like Chinese imports? File a letter. Don't like Al Gore's mansion? File a letter. In fact file letters even for industries you like. Bury this decision under a blizzard of paper.
If this takes off, there is a potential positive unintended consequence to it. We can stall government projects and slow government spending. Just by targeting road-building project in Wisconsin, we can save hundreds of millions in the current budget. Here are some places to begin.
  • Make them justify the boondoggle roads to nowhere being built in the state.
  • There is no positive benefit to offset the green-space destroyed by roundabouts.
  • Creating ethanol is now known to add additional greenhouse gas to the the atmosphere over using petroleum.
  • That 499-space parking lot proposed for the park across from my house will need to be justified.
Let's get 'er done.

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