Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fix my car - bump & update

I had a curious vehicle problem last week. Here are the symptoms that began when I started the car on Monday morning.
  • The air bag light illuminated upon starting and stayed on.
  • The radio did not work.
  • When I stepped on the brake, the radio came on.
  • When I released the brake, the radio went off.
  • After work, when I started the car the air bag and check engine lights both illuminated.
  • The radio wasn't working.
  • When I turned on the A/C, the radio came on and stayed on.
Diagnose the problem.

More clues later if no one gets it.

Additional clues:
  • The alternator was replaced 3 weeks prior to the problem beginning
  • After three days of driving like this, the battery was dead and the car needed a jump to start


Dad29 said...

You own either 1) a British car or 2) a Chrysler.

Failing those guesses (not entirely serious,) how about a serious water leak which dribbled into your main fuse-box

OR a nesting critter which nested in your main fuse-box.

Headless Blogger said...

Sir - I drive the Ultimate (Korean) Driving Machine.

No, it is not water or critter related.

Prosqtor said...

It's an attempt by North Korea to destroy your support for democracy, so that you will join the revolution to overthrow the US!

(or, you have some seriously effed-up wiring under the surface)

Headless Blogger said...

"...some seriously effed-up wiring under the surface"

That was my guess (I had whacked a huge pothole the previous Friday), but the mechanic found a different cause.

Dad29 said...


It was in the alternator install process. THe alternator was draining juice rather than installing juice; the other failures were from a low-voltage or low-amp problem following the install.

alexanderwyoung said...

Two wild ass guesses, with no real basis in automotive knowledge:

1.) Polarity?

2.) Grounding?