Friday, September 07, 2007

Kevin Fischer knows brats

Enlist me in Kevin Fischer's fight against fruit filled bratwurst.
This morning, while I was perusing newspapers from all across the state, a daily routine for me, I came across an article on……..hold your nose………fruity brats.

Apricot Dijon brats.

Hawaiian brats with cherries, pineapple and ham.

And a few others that are so WRONG, so YUCKY, so UN-BRAT LIKE, that I can’t even find the courage to describe them in print.

You’ll just have to read about them…but I warn you… ain’t pretty.
No link here, you'll have to follow the above link to Kevin's blog to get there.

I also endorse his choice of Glenn's Market. I'm a fan of their Sheboygan-style brats, home-cured bacon and wieners. Glenn's is a nice stop on the way home from Madison. Their mushroom-Swiss bratwurst are also winners.

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