Sunday, September 02, 2007

Vote early. Vote often.

The Maytag Repairman, o
ne of my virtual friends, is a candidate for the Advertising Hall of Fame. The actor, Clay Jackson, writes:
If you have two minutes in the next couple of weeks (you have until September 24th) can you log onto the below website and vote for the Maytag Repairman?

He has been nominated to be in the Advertising Hall of Fame and
we are trying to make sure he gets there!!!!

All you have to do is go to

Click on the MAYTAG REPAIRMAN link and cast your vote!

It is one vote per computer so if you have a work and home computer vote twice!!!!

Thanks in advance for your vote!!! Please tell all of your friends to help out.

I really appreciate it!

And I would appreciate your support of Clay.

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