Thursday, January 31, 2008

The dumbest global warming argument. EVER!

Living 5/7ths of my life up North, I have the opportunity to be exposed to the Green Bay media. Last night there was a short feature on the TV news about some "environmental" group's new study that concludes that global warming will hurt the Green Bay Packers home field advantage. The news release is here, and says.
Unfortunately for Packer fans, winter temperatures are on the rise at Lambeau and in other cold weather teams’ cities across the country, potentially threatening the home field advantage that these teams have historically enjoyed.
Just how dumb is this report? Let me count the ways.

1. It was -15F in Green Bay on the morning that this report was released. That's -26 for those of you speaking Celsius. Embrace the warmth of global climate change.

2. What cold-field advantage? The Packers cannot win in really cold weather. You may recall a professional football contest with the Giants of New York played way back on January 20, 2008. If the game time temperature had been 20 to 25 degrees warmer, a certain native Mississippian would have had a significantly better performance.

Nota bene - The members of Wisconsin Environment are definitely members of the Lambert Field crowd. They have no interest in sports in general or the Packers in particular. Otherwise they wouldn't have rubbed my nose in this steaming football non sequitur just 10 days after a heart breaking loss. These people think that if they invoke the Packers name, it will cause all us redneck rubes to join their misguided cause.
3. Does the 5 degree Fahrenheit temperature rise that is projected for the next century really matter? A 5 degree temperature is not noticeably different from a 0 degree temperature on a football field. They are both freaking cold.

4. Similar to my report last night, this group is manipulating data. Two statistical fallacies are used as the basis for their report. They use an incomplete data set, conveniently going back only as far as 1971. What story would the complete meteorological record going back to the 1800's tell? They also cherry-pick reporting periods, comparing an 8-year period against a prior 30-year period. To be statistically valid they need to compare the latest 8-year period against all previous 8-year averages.

So tell me again why warm is bad?

This report demonstrates that the global warming fascists* are becoming desperate. They must think people are idiots and they use these silly scare tactics as their last refuge. Global warming has become a religion to these nut cases, and anything that they can use to further their cause is fair game, regardless of the facts. Even cold weather is a sign that the planet is warming, in their minds.

Warm is good. The polar bears like it. It saves human lives all over this Earth. And it means more touchdown passes and less interceptions for Brett Favre.

* I chose this word carefully. Thank you Jonah.

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