Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random primary thoughts

Giuliani Endorsement

Rudy's endorsement of McCain was actually made several weeks ago when he stayed in the Florida race despite polling as an also-ran.

Using the
MSM conventional wisdom of a 2 to 1 Romney:McCain break for Giuliani voters, Rudy's 15% in Florida would have made the race a 41%-41% dead-heat. Today's public endorsement of McCain explains why Rudy stayed in the Florida primary. He was playing the spoiler.

Election Quiz

I took the
2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz a few weeks ago with these results.

80% John McCain
78% Mitt Romney
70% Mike Huckabee
69% Fred Thompson
68% Tom Tancredo
63% Rudy Giuliani
56% Bill Richardson
54% Ron Paul
48% Barack Obama
46% Hillary Clinton
46% Chris Dodd
46% John Edwards
35% Joe Biden
34% Mike Gravel
28% Dennis Kucinich

I guess this means I should be pleased with the McCain win in Florida. But I suspect this quiz is based on campaign promises, not voting records. I also believe that John McCain is too damn old for this or any other job this side of Walmart greeter or golf course starter. Retire already.

I am an admitted ageist.

The Kerry Milestone

John Edwards drops out today leaving either a woman or a minority as the Democratic Presidential candidate. This is an awakening for the identity politics base of the Democrats. I think it will be decades before another white male is the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

McCain through Rose Colored Glasses

If McCain truly does appeal to independent and moderate voters in the general election, he may have long enough coattails to be a strong help to Republican Senate and House candidates. Is there a falacy with this argument?

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